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Course Readings Online

The full texts of 7 of the course readings are available online.

The Open Library
has the works of Fern, Jacobs, Larsen, Rowson, Stowe and Wharton.

Project Gutenberg
has the work by Davis (as well as Jacobs, Rowson & Wharton)

The readings by Derounian-Stodola, Keller and Morrison are under U.S. Copyright and cannot be found online. You can Search the UNC Catalog, or find them at and other retailers.


Article Databases

Academic Search Premier
[1975 to present]

America, History and Life
[1964 to present]

American National Biography
[Colonial Era to present]

Bibliography of American Literature (BAL)
[American Revolution to present]

Contemporary Women's Issues (CWI)
[1992 to present]

[1970s to present]

Literary Reference Center [EBSCO]
[Classical era to present]

Literature Online (LION)
[c1300 to c1915]

Literature Resource Center [Gale]
[Classical era to present]

North American Women's Letters and Diaries
[Colonial era to 1850]

Oxford African American Studies Center
[17th century to present]

Readers' Guide Retrospective
[1890 to c1982]

Women & Social Movements in the United States 1600-2000

Women's Studies International
[1964 to present]


Library Of Congress Subject Headings

American literature--Women authors--Bio-bibliography.

American literature--Women authors--History and criticism.

Feminism and literature--United States--History.
      --17th century.
      --18th century.
      --19th century.
      --20th century.

Women and literature--United States--History.
      --17th century.
      --18th century.
      --19th century.
      --20th century.


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Historical & Biographical Reference Sources

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Sources on Specific Themes and Eras

Black family (dys)function in novels by Jessie Fauset, Nella Larsen, & Fannie Hurst.

Licia Morrow Calloway.
New York : P. Lang, c2003.

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The Columbia guide to Asian American literature since 1945.

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The comfort women : sexual violence and postcolonial memory in Korea and Japan.

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Working women, literary ladies : the industrial revolution and female aspiration.

Sylvia Jenkins Cook.
Oxford University Press : Oxford, and New York, 2008.

   Davis Library PS217 W64 C66 2008.

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Sources on Literary Genres & Theory

A dictionary of literary terms and literary theory.

J.A. Cuddon (revised by C.E. Preston). 4th ed.
Oxford; Malden, Mass. : Blackwell, 1998.

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Various monographs on American Humor, the Harlem Renaissance, Satire, Victorian Literature, et al. San Diego, CA : Greenhaven Press, c2000-2003.

   Davis Library, various call numbers.

The Indian captivity narrative : an American genre.

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The seduction novel of the early nation : a call for socio-political reform.

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   Davis Library PS374 .S42 B66 1999. Also available online.

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