29. Guillaume Apollinaire. "Horse," c. 1918.
Published here in: Michel Décaudin, editor. Oeuvres complètes de Guillaume Apollinaire, vol. 3 (of 4 volumes). Paris: André Balland & Jacques Lecat, 1966. One of 5,500 copies.
Rare Book Collection. (Physical exhibit displays facsimile.)

Guillaume Apollinaire's "calligrammes" evoke a similar whimsy to Carroll's poem, though the intended audience is adult. He wrote dozens of such poems, effectively turning the subject of each into an emblem (not unlike Fortunatus's cross, Item 5). Whether he considered these "little" poems as important as his larger/longer works is debatable; on the on hand, he created more than 100 of them; on the other hand, most were not published until after his death, and he was evidently displeased enough with this particular evocation of a horse to append the comment "tout terriblement" — "completely terrible."

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