34. Wyndham Lewis. Excerpt from "Manifesto — I," 1914.
Published here in: Wyndham Lewis, editor. BLAST: Review of the great English vortex. No. 1, June 20, 1914. London: John Lane; New York: John Lane Company; Toronto: Bell & Cockburn. First edition.
Rare Book Collection Folio.

Similar to (and contemporary with) Marinetti's Futurist manifesto, Wyndham Lewis's Vorticist manifesto uses inventive typography to a similar effect. Lewis's heavy use of bold capitals and extra-large words lends it more of the air of a demagogue's shouting, but also, perhaps, more of a sense of humor. Phrases such as "poodle temper" and "sentimental Gallic gush" wouldn't have the same impact if they were not isolated and arranged as they are. The spastic layout seems to implicate the poet/demagogue himself as worthy of ridicule (or "BLAST"-ing) along with everything he decries.

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